1000+ Girl WhatsApp Number List For Friendship And Date

1000+ Active Girl WhatsApp Number

If you are searching for a Girl WhatsApp Number on Google, this post for you. Here we share a real 1000+ girls WhatsApp number list for all countries. With these numbers, you can make new friends on WhatsApp and if any girl wants to have a relationship with you, you can be her boyfriend. Isn’t it cool? Read the full post.

If you are single and do not have friendship girls, you can use these numbers to make new friends on WhatsApp. Many people think he has a girl he can talk to, but because he has no girlfriends, they are frustrated and depressed.

The lack of girls in life is a major drawback. Every boy wants a girl in his life so he can speak a lot. He can share his happiness and sadness with her, but due to the lack of female friends he cannot. If you are one of them, we have brought you this list of girl numbers to fill this gap.

Friends, all these numbers are really real and are only shared here after checking from different locations from the internet. But to talk to these girls, you need to massage with the girl’s WhatsApp number. She shouldn’t disturb the girl who talks to her otherwise if you allow. Because this is a crime that you too will be punished. So if you take the wrong step, you will be responsible for it. If you don’t mind girls, you can check the girl WhatsApp number below.

Girl WhatsApp Number for Friendship

Today, we tend to search for girls’ numbers on Google. Most young people can’t talk to girls in their private lives. Then they try with the help of Google and social media.

Girls Phone Number

Along with this, some boys don’t know how to talk to girls, but this is simply because they can’t dare to talk to girls. So, with the help of these WhatsApp numbers of girls, they can learn to talk to them by making them friends.

Thousands of people are searching for girls’ WhatsApp numbers, WhatsApp date numbers, or WhatsApp numbers on the internet every day, so somehow get the girl numbers and they can get along with them.

If you want to get along with girls or go on a date through WhatsApp, you also need to search for Whatsapp dating number, WhatsApp dating group, girl Whatsapp number for friendship, or WhatsApp number for chat. That’s why you came to our website.

But you must have seen every time you came to pick up a girl’s number on the internet. So I’m disappointed by giving the wrong number. Many websites claim that they give 100% real girl numbers, but in reality they are fake and your time is wasted. But here at DivyaNet we Will not disappoint you.

We have made great efforts to extract this number for your people. You can save these numbers on your phone and start talking to girls from any country at any time.

Girl WhatsApp Number for Dating

Some people want to get a WhatsApp number just for friendship with a girl, while others want to spend time chatting. However, there are still many people who believe in social media dating and want to get a girl’s WhatsApp number for dating. So, if you also want to get a girl’s WhatsApp number for dating, this section is for you.

Friends, in this article we brought the girl’s number for friendship, but there are also some girls looking for a boyfriend. We also give those girls the contact numbers below. So, if you want any girl, you can make girlfriends as well, but if they allow you.

Top 10 countries with the most beautiful girls WhatsApp numbers in the world
Everyone wants boys to get along with beautiful girls. By the way, beauty is in someone’s eyes. Some people like their eyes, some people like their hair, some people like their hands, others like their bodies. So there is no definition of beauty. But still, we have brought for you girl cell phone numbers from such countries in the world. The country where girls are considered to be the most beautiful.

Present a list of the most beautiful women and the top 10 countries

The United States / Canada Girl Number Date

Cameron Diaz is the most beautiful girl in America. If you want to make with American friendship girls. You can use the numbers given by us. The best thing about American women is to teach them that they have a very open mind and can easily become your friends. So just save the number and start chatting on WhatsApp.

girl whatsapp number

Hello, my name. Harper from the USA, I am a very gentle and kind woman around me. But that doesn’t mean I’m bored. The lively character of my character is a well-developed sense of humor. It helps me always feel good. I am a very sensitive and clever woman. I need care and trust because I am a very good personality who values ​​true sincere feelings. 

I am a very intelligent friendship girls, so I have a special hobby and interest. My greatest passion is psychology. Psychology is so useful in my life that it is my hobby as well as my profession now. I am interested in other cultures and would like to communicate with representatives from other countries. I am enthusiastic about outdoor activities and camping. I love classical music and reading. I dream of meeting an educated and confident person, my protector. He is a good person and loves children. My ideal match is very cheerful. Living a healthy lifestyle I don’t let my guy have bad habits. I dream of getting to know a well-balanced man.

  • Name: Harper
  • City: Chicago
  • Age: 21
  • Status: Single
  • Religion: Jewish
  • Whatsapp Number: +12867924366
Numbers for Filipino Girl Chat

Filipino women really deserve charm. The beauty of Filipino girls can be praised in words, but there are also girls in this world who cannot be praised in words. She is my girlfriend, I won’t give you much information about her. If you want to get along with Filipino girls, you can do it with these numbers.

girl phone number

My name is Nimule from Filipino, I am a very quiet and devoted person. The principle of communication with my people is to treat people the way I want them to be. And I always follow this rule. I can’t stand lies and hatred. I value people’s honesty. I am a very sympathetic and kind woman, always ready to help people. As for my interests, I love doing a lot.

For example, I adore music and it inspires me, so I always listen to it. I like to look beautiful, so I try to stay fit. That’s why I go in for fitness. When I’m at home and have free time, I love reading so that it fills my mind with thoughts. I am enthusiastic about theater and movies and always glad to go to the cinemas and theaters. My man is to be a reliable and kind person. He should be responsible for everything he does. I want to get to know a loved one who has no bad habits. I love children, so my ideal man wants to love them and build a strong family. I dream of relationships based on mutual understanding and friendship girls.

  • Name: Nimule
  • Country and Nationality: Philippines
  • City: Manila
  • Age: 18 Years old
  • Phone number: +63 9712095556

Turkey Girls Whatsapp Number

Turkish girls are considered the most beautiful girls in the world, so we put them at the top of the list. Turkish girls look like queens. After seeing them, men cannot easily remove their eyes from them. The beauty of the girls here easily captivates anyone. If you want to be friends with turkey girls, you can use these Turkish girl WhatsApp numbers.

girl numbers

Hello, my name is Handemiy, I’m new here. In Turkey, the first time I saw this program and I wanted to open up to innovation looking for a good man that I am a compassionate woman I’ll always wait for you to text if you’re going to think seriously

  • Name. Handemiy
  • City. Cockburn Town
  • Country. Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Whatsapp number +16497501264

UK girl mobile number

UK girl mobile number

British women are considered to be second only to beautiful women. Because women here are very attractive with different colors and different looks. You can find their beauty by looking at Naomi Watts, the most beautiful woman in England. If you want to make friendships with UK women, you can chat with girls from the UK girl WhatsApp number and also make friends.

  • Name. Abelard
  • Country. United Kingdom
  • Whatsapp number +1 3454766054

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